The 57th National Mathlete Sum-It

numbers nerds cast

The almost all-girl high school math team from Waukesha, Wisconsin, has lost – and then won – the regional math competition. They are off to compete in the National Math SUM-IT. These smart and funny whiz kids must unite to solve difficult math problems without getting distracted by teen drama and pressures. 

Always witty, sometimes uproarious, this is the story of girls becoming women – conquering anxiety and rivalry, finding a way to affirm themselves as individuals and as team-members, learning to win at math… and at life! 


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The Characters

Meet the Team

Mary Kate

– the Catholic feminist Mary Kate loved attending Our Lady of Perpetual Chastity – the all-girls Catholic school in …
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Ms. McGery

Drama director turned janitor Ms. McGery was once the drama teacher for Our Lady of Perpetual Chastity Catholic All Girl…
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….the only boy Leroy is a geometry whiz who grew up in Laos, where his parents were missionaries. He is less devout th…
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….the former “mean girl” Suraiya Amber White started going by her middle name in fourth grade to fit in, when her …
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The Captain of the NUMBERS N3RDS Melissa knew that she was destined for success in a STEM field when, at seven years old…
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Heeeeere’s Barbie!

Barbie has a natural gift with numbers, but her grasp on the distinction between fantasy and reality is not always the f…
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About the Production

The Story, Synopsis and Summary