Lyrics – Melissa’s First Theorem

Song: Melissa’s First Theorem

A nerd in ulm
In the kingdom of Wurtemberg
Didn’t have friends
His hair was, well, bad
His dad said, “Son, it’s time to join the fam’ly business,”
But Albert said, “That’s not my path”

But he couldn’t get into the Polytechnic Institute
Just like me he didn’t pass German
So he packed his bags
Setting off to Switzerland
Aaid, “Sir, I’m here to study math.”


From there on out it’s history
Well, relatively speaking
An “E” an “M” a “C,” a square
Who cares about some crazy hair
The world fell in love with Einstein
The world fell in love with Einstein

Or…ooh! Pythagorus!

Growing up in Greece
Carving gemstones with his grandpa
Didn’t have friends
I assume his hair was awful
And a series of events occurred
Upon which nobody agrees
But suddenly, oh my God triangles!

But suddenly everything stops making any sense
Instead of just the triangles
He starts his own religion
Instead of prayer they solved for X
And maybe had a lot of sex?
The world fell in love with Pythagorus
And it’s gonna fall in love with me
With me

Could I be the next one, albert?
Could I be just like you?
Could I beat the odds, and leave them awed
Greek gods, could it be true?

I’m gonna be the girl who leaves Einstein in the dust
Makes mincemeat of Copernicus
Leaves Fibonacci non-plussed
I wanna derive all the brilliance from my mind
I wanna see what’s on the other side of ev’ry equals sign
So what about today
I might be frizzy and friend-free
But the world will fall in love with me
The world will fall in love with me

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