May 5, 2016

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  • LOTS to do……

    And so my acquaintance asked me: “What does it mean to be an Associate Producer?  What do you need if you want that job?” I thought of that question as we were preparing for – and then producing – our reading of MISFITS at Carroll University a couple of weeks ago.  I suppose I’m being […]

  • Easter Bonnet Competition!

    This past weekend was a holiday weekend for Christians (Easter) and Jewish People (Passover.) As I watched the pictures of my friends prepare their Seder dinners and I, myself, cooked a turkey for Easter, I remembered a wonderful event that the Broadway community participates in each year – The Easter Bonnet Competition. The competition is […]

  • Reading Photos…

    Last weekend, we had our full reading of our first draft of THE ISLAND OF MISFITS – The Musical. In collaboration with Carroll University, directed by James Zager, over 100 supporters came to the presentation and gave us feedback on the show.  Enjoy the photos! &nbs […]

  • What’s in a title?

    Have you heard of FEELING ELECTRIC, AWAY WE GO or EAST SIDE STORY?  Well how about NEXT TO NORMAL, OKLAHOMA! And WEST SIDE STORY?  All of these musicals changed their title before the show got to Broadway.  Why?  Well for a number of reasons. Sometimes it takes a while for a musical to gel…to com […]

  • GIRLHOOD update

    GIRLHOOD, one of the musicals we are developing now, is a song cycle that follows the lives of four girls as they make their way from middle school through high school.   We have been working in the show for about 18 months and are thrilled with the progress. I started this project by conducting, along […]

  • I am ready for SPRING!

    I am ready for Spring! 40 degrees this morning outside.  Yep, it is cold.  And, I am ready for spring.  With lots going on this spring on Broadway, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and talk about a few of my favorite Spring songs from Broadway musicals.  Here they are: “It […]

  • An Actor Prepares…

    I was first given the book by my first acting teacher – Dorothy Dorfman – in high school.  She had a significant acting career, mostly in movies and could tell I had gotten bitten by the theatre bug.  “Here,” she said, “Read this.” An Actor Prepares – by Stanislavski.  Who’s he?  Why do I need […]

  • 2019 NYMF

    Last weekend I had the honor of participating on a panel at the orientation for the shows featured at the 2019 New York Musical Festival (NYMF).  There will be 12 shows performing in repertoire. Click HERE to read about them. Writers and producers who have shows from Australia, the UK and all over the US […]

  • Greater Tuna then Cabaret, then….

    “Greater Tuna” was a dream show for me when I was an actor – and it was a play NOT a musical.  The show has two actors who play more than 20 characters.   The play is a dark comedy, a commentary on small-town, Southern life and attitudes and a withering satire of the same.  It […]

  • What is a “pre-read?”

    As a producer, I always tell my writers that I need to hear what they write, I cannot just read the lines on the page. As we work on the script I hire professional actors to “give life” to the dialogue.  I listen to what they are saying, watch their expressions and try to imagin […]


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