May 5, 2016

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  • The Things You Learn Along the Way…

    During our recent trip to Thailand, we took a weekend excursion to a small island.  The morning of the return, we climbed aboard a pick-up truck with benches on the back for the brief ride to the ferry that would take us back to the mainland. At the last minute we were joined by two […]

  • The Power of Illusion and yet….so real!

    The star walks on stage to thunderous applause.  The audience has paid huge amounts of money to see him perform close up….very close up.  He wears a black shirt and jeans, the set is simple – stark even.  He picks up his guitar, starts to play.  The audience is silent.  And then . . . […]

  • GIRLHOOD and GRACE updates…

    Several supporters have asked me for updates on the two shows we are developing, so here goes: GIRLHOOD is a musical we are developing for middle and high schools.  Its focus is on girls becoming women.  The show focuses on four characters from when they first start middle school (about age 12) to when they […]

  • Why are we in the theatre?

    Why do people get involved in theatre?  Good question!  I suppose there are many reasons.   But I recently reconnected with one of the deepest, most touching reasons. Larry Little and I attended a performance of MATHLETE SUM-IT at Viking Middle School, in Gurnee, Illinois. The performance was wonderful; it was delightful to see the talent […]

  • Hundreds of Lanterns in the sky!

    We were standing on the beach overlooking the Gulf of Thailand.  It was just before midnight of New Year’s Eve and there was crowd including both Thai families and foreigners.  We had just purchased sky lanterns.  Thai’s have a tradition of sending these lanterns into the sky over the sea to bring good luck in […]

  • ‘Tis The Season for Musicals…

    Tis the season for Holiday musicals.  Actually, in Chicago, tis the season for lots of musicals – Holiday themed or not. In the month of December I have seen about 8 musicals.  Since we are creating our own Christmas musical (GRACE & THE ISLAND OF MISFITS), I planned on seeing all of the traditional holiday […]

  • Hal Prince….again…

    Hal Prince…one more time.  Here are some of the wonderful things I learned from the PBS biography on the award winning Broadway producer, director, stage manager, consultant, etc. – Hal Prince. Angela Lansbury tells the story of the first preview of SWEENEY TODD. The first time everything comes together – costumes, sets, orchestra, makeup and […]

  • Twenty-One Tony Awards!

    Twenty-One…..that is how many Tony Awards Hal Prince has won.  More than anyone else.  Producing, directing and special awards were the categories.  He has always been a hero of mine, and as I was watching the PBS special about him recently, I was struck by several of the things he said. First, he traced his […]

  • Thanks in the theatre world….

    We were in the elevator, returning to our condo in the early evening.  I was emotionally exhausted and my body ached.   The thought of cooking dinner made me a little nauseous, but it seemed like the best idea — and the fastest because I was hungry.   We had just finished our first workshop of GIRLHOOD, […]

  • The Show Goes On……

    Readers of the blogs get regular updates on our projects to develop new musicals and about what we’ve learned along the way.  But the goal of all this theatrical work is not really to develop shows.  It’s to have them on the stage! I suppose that’s fairly obvious.  But it’s not always so clear.  At […]


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