May 5, 2016

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  • Mentors……come and go….

    Sometimes you find mentors in the strangest places.  Sometimes you pay them, and sometimes they become friends.  Mentors are very important to me, and I listen to every word they say.    I have had some great mentors in my life, but none as special as John Glines. John Glines was retired when I met him, […]

  • Marketing for family entertainment

    Marketing has never really been my “thing.”  I think I understand it, but it does not come naturally to me.  When I owned the CPA firm, I hired someone to help me market the firm.  The expert asked me to complete a 50 page packet before she started.  It was so so overwhelming.  And, what’s […]

  • Hiring a stage manager…

    I am in the process of hiring a stage manager for a workshop production of GRACE & THE ISLAND OF MISFITS.  This workshop will be produced in February 2019 – seven months away – and I have to hire a stage manager now….a bit unbelievable to me. First, you may be saying….remind me what a […]

  • It’s the story that matters!

    I just returned from a business trip to New York City.  Between meetings and planning sessions, I was very lucky to see four musicals.  Two musicals were part of the New York Musical Festival (NYMF), the festival in which we participated last year.   This year NYMF has chosen to “downscale” the number of productions it […]

  • FROZEN, Jr and young girls!

    I saw this on Facebook the other day and just saved it to my desktop, thinking there is a blog here somewhere.  A few days went by and I saw two musicals – a new 75 minute version of PETER PAN with a dynamic, new score and one of the first pilot productions of FROZEN, […]

  • Christmas show title revealed!!

    GRACE & THE ISLAND OF MISFITS is the working title of our new musical. And, yes, it is a Holiday show!  Designed to be performed during the Christmas season.  Again, the show has a strong set of female leads and a mostly female cast. Here is my elevator pitch: “A brilliant, young woman, fresh out […]

  • 5,000 theatre students!!

    Yep – 5,000 theatre students, teachers and others are gathered in Lincoln, Nebraska for the International Thespian Festival.  I am here, along with my colleagues from Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW) to promote 57th NATIONAL MATHLETE SUM-IT. This festival is a combination of workshops, auditions for colleges, performances and exhibits.  TRW sponsors an event called Thespian […]

  • You’ve heard of a triple threat in musical theatre…but..what about this??

    Multiple threat sounds horrible, right?  Not in this case….Director, Choreographer, Musical Director and professional singer – this describes the multi-talented woman who will be directing and helping me develop our musical – GIRLHOOD.  Tina Reynolds – founder of Ovation Academy for the Performing Arts in Oak Park, Illinois, is that woman. I first met Tina […]

  • Braintrusts…

    Creativity, Inc: Overcoming the unseen forces that stand in the way of true inspiration is a book recommended to me by my mentor – Ken Davenport.   It is written by Ed Catmull, one of the founders of Pixar Animation.  Yes, the company that created the first full length animated film done completely on a computer. […]

  • 23….20…and 7….and GIRLHOOD – an update!

    Some of our supporters have asked for an update on GIRLHOOD.  So, here goes: 23 –  Twenty-three people will write the songs for GIRLHOOD.  Since GIRLHOOD is a song-cycle (click HERE to learn more about song cycles), each song will be composed by one…two or three people.  We are really proud that the songs w […]


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